Research Studies

AGF Multi-Family Study Final Report  (2016)

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety and Reliability: An Assessment of Progress  (2015)

Fueling the Future with Natural Gas: Bringing it Home  (2014)

Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel: Models for Developing Fueling Infrastructure  (2012)

Gas Distribution Infrastructure: Pipeline Replacement and Upgrades Cost Recovery Issues and Approaches  (2012)

The Potential for Renewable Gas: Biogas Derived from Biomass Feedstocks and Upgraded to Pipeline Quality  (2011)

Task Force on Ensuring Stable Natural Gas Markets  (2011)

Natural Gas in a Smart Energy Future  (2011)

Natural Gas End Use:  A Vision for Today and the Future  (2009)

Regulatory Policy of Return on Equity (2008)
(Review and Analysis of the Natural Gas Utility Sector)

Ability of the United States to Compete in the Global LNG Marketplace  (2008)
(An Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities)

Direct Use of Natural Gas (2008)
(Implications for Power Generation, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emissions)

Research and Development in Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution  (2007)

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 and Its Impact on the U.S. Natural Gas Supply/Demand Imbalance  (2007)

Public Policy and Real Energy Efficiency Assessing the effects of Federal policies on energy consumption and the environment   (2005)

Safety Performance and Integrity of the Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure  (2005)

Natural Gas Outlook to 2020 (2005)

Natural Gas and Energy Volatility (2003)

Meeting the Gas Supply Challenge of the Next 20 Years - Traditional Sources  (2002)

Meeting the Gas Supply Challenge of the Next 20 Years - Non-Traditional Sources  (2002)

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