Fueling the Future - Natural Gas & New Technologies for a Cleaner 21st Century

Fueling the Future - Natural Gas and New Technologies for a Cleaner 21st Century (February 2000), addresses a paradox that has bedeviled the U.S. natural gas industry at least since the wellhead price of natural gas was deregulated in the early 1980s: How can a fuel that is domestically abundant, safe and reliable to deliver, more environmentally friendly than oil or coal, and nearly four times as efficient as electricity from the point of origin to the point of use, power only about one-fourth of the American economy? This paradox is all the more puzzling given the fact that it has been national policy, as affirmed by successive U.S. presidents going back to Ronald Reagan, to encourage the broader use of natural gas.

Fueling the Future both posits and proves that a national energy policy encouraging the use of natural gas has not been fully realized. It then outlines a comprehensive strategy showing how fulfilling the potential of natural gas will help the United States better meet its energy needs for the next 20 years. Specifically, it addresses the questions of how much natural gas might be used and in what applications, as well as what national benefits - environmental, economic, conservation - might result from such increased use.

Several versions of the report are attached below.

Executive Summary and Key Findings
Complete Study (175 pages)
Study Overview
Policy Blueprint to Realize the Promise of Natural Gas

Fueling the Future - 2001 Update - The American Gas Foundation produced a 2001 Update to the original report in light of the dramatic energy events of 2000, which included strong demand for all forms of energy and rising energy prices. Read the 2001 Update here.

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